Egyptian People

Session 11 - Group 2 - Art of healing - Temperaments/characteristics of people and locations

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Egyptian People by Mind Map: Egyptian People

1. Character

1.1. Weak

1.2. Prone to lying

1.3. Cowardly

1.4. Impatient

1.5. Easily changing nature

2. Air

2.1. Dry and humid

2.2. High temperatures

3. Movement

3.1. Daily exercise for the farmers in the lower land

3.2. None/very little for the people in the upper land

4. Food and Drink

4.1. Crops and food swift to change/go bad

4.2. Not good in quality

4.3. Animals get sick when imported (change in temperaments)

4.4. Imported crops follow the same behavior - have to be consumed quickly

4.5. Sour milk and bread Ka'k dried all year (for the poor)

5. All of the below is an example for how the environment outside effects the temperament inside

6. Hunza People

6.1. Character

6.1.1. Friendly

6.1.2. Principled - follow a routined lifestyle

6.1.3. Peaceful

6.1.4. Sociable, welcoming

6.1.5. Friendly and caring towards their environment

6.1.6. Approachable personality

6.1.7. Strong willed

6.1.8. Able bodied, Active and strong

6.2. Air

6.2.1. Cold temperature esp. at night

6.2.2. Refreshing, non-polluted Air

6.2.3. Lots of precipitation/ moist climate

6.3. Food and Drink

6.3.1. Dry fruits, nuts and seeds

6.3.2. Cherries and apricots

6.3.3. Bread instead of rice

6.3.4. Meats e.g mutton

6.4. Movement

6.4.1. People are adapted to the harsh topography

6.4.2. Animals here are extremely well at climbing Goats and rams Snow leopards are particularly fast and tough

7. For Hunza: People are generally Phlegmatic - more clingy and sociable and this goes well with their welcoming nature Temperament is mostly 'cold and moist' - people are principled, attached to their traditions and routines, relaxed and easy going