Business Support

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Business Support by Mind Map: Business Support

1. T&S, hotel booking

2. Meetings Support

2.1. Corporate Committee, Policy Committee

2.2. SLT & EB External meetings

2.3. SLT & EB Internal 1:1s and catch ups

2.4. DM and AM management meetings, P&D process

2.5. Executive Board, NEDs

2.6. Ministerial meetings

3. Reprographics: Photocopying, document production

4. Stationery

5. Project and programme support

6. Getting senior staff from A-B, upwards time management

7. Ad hoc team specific tasks such as Locker key storage

8. Leave calender/co-ordinating records of who is and out of office

9. Official log of gifts and hospitality

10. Courier Booking

11. New Entrants/leavers processes

12. Refreshments

13. Better Meetings

13.1. Corporate Pulse of the Department

14. Visual management Boards

15. Misc- eyecare vouchers

16. Paper and electronic filing