Setting expectations for your employees

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Setting expectations for your employees by Mind Map: Setting expectations for your employees

1. it gives:

1.1. eliminate or reduce confusion

1.2. increases the chances of employees being successful in achieving the goals

1.3. success of the company

1.4. resulting in lower employee turnover

2. employee expectations

2.1. Industry expectations

2.2. internal and external company image

2.3. client, customer and vendor relationships

2.4. employee knowledge of products or services

2.5. company policies and performance

2.6. social media

3. 10 team expectations

3.1. Respect each other

3.2. Be accountable for your work

3.3. Be flexible about job and task assignment

3.4. Be willing to help each

3.5. Ask for help when needed

3.6. Work safely together

3.7. Be open to constructive feedback

3.8. Be self-motivated and reliable

3.9. Share ideas for improvement

3.10. Be cheerful, positive and encouraging to other team members

4. performance expectations

4.1. include

4.1.1. expectations on level of service rendered to clients and co-workers

4.1.2. the impact of the work on the organization

4.1.3. organizational values demonstrated by the employee

4.2. using SMART

4.2.1. specific

4.2.2. measurable

4.2.3. achievable

4.2.4. realistic

4.2.5. time-bound

5. communicate and manage expectations

5.1. frequent face-to-face meetings

5.2. hands-off approach