The EU and the race for a vaccine

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The EU and the race for a vaccine by Mind Map: The EU and the race for a vaccine

1. Why is Europe lagging behing on the vaccination race?

1.1. Finding a reliable vaccine

1.1.1. issues with the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine Blood clots after receiving the jats Not recommended for some ages

1.2. Vaccine exportation

1.2.1. Run outs and rollouts Late deliveries Problems with the transportation Supply problems

1.3. The front line (priority groups)

1.3.1. Politians, the eldery, health care workers

1.4. Optional vaccination

1.4.1. Ethical matter

1.4.2. Lack of public confidence in government recommendations

2. What could be done about it?

2.1. An EU reunion to decide:

2.1.1. A single front line for all European countries

2.1.2. A rationalization in the exportation of vaccines to each country according to their population

2.1.3. An alliance with carriers to provide faster and safer delivery of vaccines for all

2.2. Higher level of vaccine testing required by EMA prior to approval

2.2.1. Tests aimed at efficiency at all ages