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TRIZ by Mind Map: TRIZ

1. What is TRIZ?

1.1. What: Problem-Solving philosophy based on data, logic and research.

1.2. Who : Effectively used by a wide range of people to develops critical thinking skills and promote creativity and innovation.

1.3. Why : Able to improve any system and tool of problem solving in technology, manufacturing, society and in nature.

1.4. When : To find the best solution.

1.5. How : TRIZ developing recommendation rule and technique for using tools in the creation.

2. Trimming

2.1. Method of Eliminating component from an engineering system

2.2. Eliminate the disadvantages of the trimmed components

2.3. Reduces the cost of engineering system

2.4. Easer to manufacture without compromising the proficiency of the system to function

3. Cause and Effect Chain (CEC) Analysis

3.1. Definition

3.1.1. Inspecting the sources of an unwanted effect

3.1.2. The end of chain is a potential actual root cause

3.2. Function

3.2.1. Tools that can be deployed in searching the root cause in structured method

4. Function Analysis

4.1. Analytical tool that identifies function, characteristics, the cost of system and the supersystem component.

4.2. Component Analysis -> Interaction Analysis -> Function Models

4.3. Engineering system

4.3.1. Man useful function

4.3.2. System Component

4.3.3. Supersystem component

5. System Parameter

5.1. Definition

5.1.1. 39 Parameters

5.1.2. Could be use as improving and worsening parameters

5.2. How to use

5.2.1. Identify the problem precisely and choose the suitable parameter for the systems

5.3. Example of parameters

5.3.1. Use of energy by moving object

5.3.2. Speed

5.3.3. Prodcutivity

5.3.4. Convenience of Use

5.3.5. Reliability

5.3.6. Power