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LB Group by Mind Map: LB Group

1. Address: Number One Vicarage Ln London E15 4HF United Kingdom Phone: 0208 221 8282 Email: [email protected] Website: Our Mission Our objective is to become one of the UK's leading financial services providers. Our continued investment in the best people will help us develop the strategies that will deliver unparalleled business advice and value to all our customers, irrespective of size. Our continued investment in the best technology will help us get there faster. Our Vision To establish an environment where innovative thinking can flourish and where business decisions are tempered by ethical and environmental considerations. We desire everyone we work with, from our staff and suppliers to our associates and customers, to feel part of our growing family: welcomed and valued. Our Values We are positive as a company and ambitious on behalf of our customers and our staff. We are advocates of collaboration. By working together, sharing expertise, knowledge, and experience, our understanding grows, and this informs the way in which we operate, how we motivate and influence our people, our associates, and our clients. We are non-discriminatory as a company, big believers in courtesy and respect (huge, actually!) and regard transparency, honesty, integrity, and professionalism as major components of all our endeavours.