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Onn Haji Hashim by Mind Map: Onn Haji Hashim
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Onn Haji Hashim

Champedak Seed Lectins & Cancer Proteomics


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Award & Prizes

Gold medalist, Innovation & Creativity / Research & Innovation Expositions, University of Malaya. 2010 & 2004

Recipient of the National Academic Award 2007 – Category of Journal Article Publication. 2008

Recipient of the Excellence in Service Awards for Years 2007, 2004 and 2000, University of Malaya. 2008, 2005 & 2001

Recipient of the Excellence in Service Certificate for Years 2006 and 2005, University of Malaya. 2007 & 2006

Recipient of the Excellent Scientist Certificate of Appreciation, Ministry of Higher Education. 2005

Gold medalist, 33rd International Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products, Geneva, Switzerland. 2005

Silver medalist, National Science, Technology and Innovation Exposition. 2004

Recipient of the Certificate of Merit for Best Presentation, (Session on Biochemistry and Pharmacology) at the Health Sector Review Conference, University of Malaya Medical Centre. 1999

Recipient of the Best MBBS Stage I Lecturer Award (voted by the 1996/97 batch of medical students). 1997

Recipient of the Fulbright Scholar Award (USA). 1993

Recipient of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Research Fellowship. 1991


Hashim, O.H. and Shuib, A.S. (2004) Lectin-based pregnancy test kit (method for detecting hCG hormone and test kit thereof) – PI20041268. This invention was exhibited at more than ten different local and international expositions

Hashim, O.H., Abdul-Rahman P.S. and Doust-Jalali, S.R. (2008) A method for detecting the 35 kDa O-glycosylated inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor heavy chain H4 (ITIH4) fragments (application in cancer diagnosis) – PI20084944.


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Reviewer of scientific manuscripts for peer-reviewed international journals

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External Assessor for the promotion/intake exercise of Professors, Associate Professors and/or Academic Staff for