Cognitive Developmentalist

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Cognitive Developmentalist by Mind Map: Cognitive Developmentalist

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2.1. Use Cases & Templates

2.1.1. Personal Todo List

2.1.2. Vacation Planning

2.1.3. Meeting Minutes

2.1.4. Project Plan

2.1.5. more...

2.2. Tools and Gadgets

2.2.1. Offline Mode

2.2.2. Geistesblitz Tools

2.2.3. Email & SMS Gateways

2.2.4. Offline Mode

3. Online Help

4. Use toolbar to add ideas

5. Key shortcuts

5.1. INS to insert (Windows)

5.2. TAB to insert (Mac OS)

5.3. ENTER to add siblings

5.4. DEL to delete

5.5. Press F1 to see all key shortcuts

6. acedimic language proficiency needed

7. learn diffrent behavior input

8. Ideas for novel ...

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11. My Geistesblitzes

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14. learners role in setting presences of concete refrences and sources

15. Learn how to deal with all of the social and culture status

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17. Research methdology determines infacts perceptions of speech sounds a varity of research explorying

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