Making of Web

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Making of Web by Mind Map: Making of Web

1. building

1.1. reading code

1.1.1. for maintenance this takes at least 6 hours for any given project

1.1.2. as part of discovery answering questions on usenet reverse-engineering

1.2. enterprise

1.2.1. server-side development

1.2.2. tools ClearQuest Vignette Ajax DWR JSON

1.3. debugging

1.3.1. formal QA code-level bug reports URL annotated screenshot 3 full sentences write tests concurrently with the code

1.3.2. optimization cross-browser accessibility/SEO graceful degradation CSS hacks character encoding load-time CSS sprites preload

1.4. manage expectations

1.4.1. tweak positioning last, if ever positioning that is off by a few pixels is to be expected the designer should design with this in mind

1.4.2. compatibility what browsers are supported? what kind of bandwidth is expected?

1.5. philosophy

1.5.1. laziness, impatience and hubris

1.5.2. design patterns conservation target hacks downward use fewer files Web UI patterns semantic markup JavaScript UI widgets Big Ball of Mud the selfish snippet refactoring bottom-up development

1.5.3. object-oriented programming separation of presentation, behavior and content MVC on the client side what is behavior? "shared-nothing" architecture

1.6. planning

1.6.1. ask questions boundary conditions what are the elements of the UI? what are the data structures? brand font hex colors layout how will the images be sliced?

1.6.2. build prototypes paper prototypes Firefox prototypes cartoon prototypes

1.7. mashups

1.7.1. tools Yahoo! pipes Google maps Firefox

2. knowledge capture

2.1. iLab

2.1.1. brown bag lunch

2.1.2. comeraderie and mutual respect toys Pixel Blocks nerf weapons lolcat builder conferences

2.2. tools

2.2.1. Google Desktop

2.2.2. WordPress

2.2.3. Lyris

2.2.4. wiki everyone has a blog wiki tools TiddlyWiki Confluence SharePoint


2.2.6. bookmarklets

2.2.7. Firefox

2.2.8. QuickBase

2.2.9. hardware Wacom tablet 2 monitors per machine Synergy whiteboard high-resolution still camera colorful markers eraser drawing