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Narrative by Mind Map: Narrative

1. Time/Place

1.1. Hairspray: "Welcome to the 60s" - E.g. 'Woh' style singing of the back up singers conveys a sense of the 60s style

1.2. Doom: Uses electronic synthasisers and pads to convey a sense of hell/doom

1.3. Cantina Band: Star Wars - Creates a lively, energetic feel evoking the sense of a busy bar

1.4. Back to the Future: Set in the 80s through use of synthesisers

1.5. Good, Bad and the Ugly: New Mexico - main theme sounds like the howling of a coyote and a frequent motif that repeats evoking the desert and scarcity of the plains.

2. Characterisation

2.1. Good, Bad and the Ugly: Flute conveys Blondie, Occerina conveys Angel Eyes and Human Voices for Tugo.

2.2. Imperial March uses minor tonality, staccato brass instruments and descending melodic contour conveys the darkness and evilness of the empire/Darth Vader

2.3. Maleficent theme conveys her dark nature through a minor tonality

3. Mood/Emotion/Atmosphere

4. Drama/Action