Sara Kandel ENGL102

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Sara Kandel ENGL102 by Mind Map: Sara Kandel ENGL102

1. Goal #2: Critical Thinking and Composing

1.1. AB: Analyzing potential biases and the credibility of the source's author(s)

1.2. AB: Reading articles and finding connections and similarities between them in order to make a substantial argument.

1.3. Digital Poster: Using the information gathered from the analysis to support your thesis/argument.

1.4. Digital Poster: Creating a document that was accessible to a diverse group of people and not a specific audience.

2. Goal #1: Rhetorical Awareness

2.1. AB: Analyzing the purpose of an author's writing

2.2. AB: Finding resources that complimented our argument (thesis).

2.3. Digital Poster: Creating media that appeals to a specific audience

2.4. Digital Poster: Using the appropriate themes and images to depict the message clearly and effectively.

3. Goal #3: Conventions

3.1. AB: Analyzing the purpose of the source(s) and the author(s) through tone and language.

3.2. AB: Using APA format for citations and formatting

3.3. Digital Poster: Using APA citations, but no specific format for the poster itself (different methodology from the AB)

3.4. Digital Poster: Using images that cannot be copyrighted

4. Goal #4: Reflection and Revision

4.1. AB: The conclusion provided an opportunity for reflection and allowed the reader to fully grasp onto the argument made.

4.2. Digital Poster: This assignment included the reflection done in the AB but in an argumentative format, using the information from the AB to support the claim made in the digital poster.

4.3. AB & Digital Poster: Peer-Editing and Reviewing other pieces in order to perfect one's own work.