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Game Ideas by Mind Map: Game Ideas

1. Strategy

1.1. Trading Game

1.1.1. Objectives Get rich The more money you make, the further you progress through the game. Be moral or corrupt This will be rated throughout the game

1.1.2. Gameplay Features Start out as lone trader Have to research markets yourself Have to obtain capital from small-fry investors Re-Invest profit until you can afford to start company Have limited access to trading commodities Build a small company Can hire analysts to improve accuracy on markets Have access to woo larger clients and companies for capital to invest Re-invest profit until you can afford to take-over another trading company Can make more influential contacts Join the big boys You have access to teams of analysts, which makes your trading decisions a lot more accurate, providing you look at all the reports and pick the most common themes. Investors will give you loads of money, and you have ample resources to woo them in many ways - e.g. helicopter as a gift? No problem. Here is where decisions made earlier in the game can really bite the player. e.g. if you fired someone who was too good from a company you swallowed, they might start up a rival company and start pinching your potential investors. The player now becomes exposed to being blackmailed themselves Final moment - player gets the opportunity to destroy the struggling firm they once worked for, but do they take it? Will get different game endings depending on what you choose to do, e.g. merger, investment, crushing humiliation.

1.1.3. Intro/Premise Start off as a trader who has been made redundant by a company. Holding their box of desk supplise and stolen office stationery aloft, your character vows to make it big and wipe them off the face of the earth. Character completely customisable, from sex, race and sexuality. Any cutscenes and gameplay will take this into account - e.g. a gay man would have the option to take a client to a lap dancing club and it would clearly be no fun to them.

2. Stealth/Evasion

2.1. Objective

2.1.1. You play a famous celebrity who has to go through their life ensuring that only the things they want known are accessible by paparazzi. If your reputation relies on you being whiter-than-white, you can't be caught doing anything else. E.g. if you want to buy booze or drugs, you have to traverse the streets while avoiding the paparazzi's cameras.

2.2. Gameplay Features

2.2.1. Mission-based stealth platforming/adventure. Character receives missions from various friends, relatives and agents.

2.3. Intro/Premise

2.3.1. Your character is happily going through the motions of their public persona, when they get a phonecall asking for help, but it involves doing something that ruins their persona.

2.3.2. Fully customisable avatar. Choose a sex, race, sexuality etc. but are randomly assigned a public persona. This may or may not match your characters sexual preference.