Triangle Congruency

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Triangle Congruency by Mind Map: Triangle Congruency

1. Side Side Side

1.1. this is when two triangles have all of the same length sides which means that they are the same triangle meaning that they are congruent

2. Side Angle Side

2.1. this is when there is an angle and the 2 legs coming off the angle have the same length as the other triangle

3. Angle Side Angle

3.1. this is when you have the measure of 2 of the angles and one of the sides to find out if the triangle is congruent to the other one

4. Angle Angle Side

4.1. this is when you have 2 angles right next to each other and then one of the sides to see if the triangles are congruent

5. Hypotenuse Leg

5.1. this is then the triangle has the same hypotenuse and leg as the other triangle so they must be congruent

6. real world problem

6.1. lets say you have 2 pieces of cardboard one may say you can just put one on top of each other to find if they are congruent but no, this is math class and everything has to be complicated. so you can use any of these to find if they are congruent first measure all the sides on both triangles and then on the second on if all the measurements are the same then the triangle is congruent

7. worrk sited

7.1. Congruent Triangles