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Literary genres. by Mind Map: Literary genres.

1. Narrative The narrative is also known as an epic genre and consists of the author making use of the figure of the narrator to tell the events carried out by some characters. The writer presents a fictitious reality or reality represented as if it were the external or objective world, alien to the author.

2. Lyric The lyric or lyrical genre is one that groups the texts in which the author expresses his emotions or feelings in verse or prose. It is a very subjective typology since the author presents reality from his own perspective and uses the art of the word to express his thoughts, reflect his moods, his experiences or feelings. Therefore, the use of the first person singular predominates.

3. Dramatic The dramatic genre is also known as the theatrical genre and welcomes works in the form of dialogue with the intention that they be represented on a stage. The dramatic works follow their course from the interrelationships of the characters that, without the author representing or describing them and without specifying what they do or feel, the public gets to know them from the dialogue that is created between them.