Development Administration

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Development Administration by Mind Map: Development Administration

1. Importance of development Administration toward developing country.

1.1. Social

1.1.1. increase the level of education and opportunity

1.1.2. increase the number of infrastructure and facilities

1.1.3. increase the level of health among the citizen

1.2. Politics

1.2.1. create more participant for new generation in politics

1.2.2. generate new idea and policies that will help in the country development

1.3. Culture

1.3.1. create new culture for people and organization

1.4. Economy

1.4.1. improve the standard of living

1.4.2. motivate people to generate more income

1.4.3. provide the necessary facility

2. what is development administration

2.1. Development administration is an initiative that were created by the government in order to fulfill its development objective and upgrading their administration capacity.

2.2. it is a mechanism that oriented to develop policies, program and project that were focusing on development.

2.3. the task is to organize and administering the public sector to implement developing program.

3. Relation between Development administration and public administration

3.1. form of administrative machinery to the objective of government.

3.2. it is an action oriented and place the administration in the hub of nation building

3.3. emerged as a field of study base on research in the progress of the developing countries