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Clarisse by Mind Map: Clarisse

1. reminds me of melinda from speak...Clarisse is more quiet and to herself rather than open and stuff, and when she does talk she's kind of weird. She seems so like being in her own body.

1.1. very open with Montag.

2. she loves books. She is very outgoing and loves the outdoors especially rain. She hates when the firefighter Guy Montag burned all of those books. She was pretty upset.

3. takes time in her day to notice smaller things like the taste of rain.

4. i think she might be around older people a lot because she talks like an old person.

5. she seems out of place in her time like she is one of those people that questions why she is doing what she is doing instead of following blindly. she seems like my type of person somebody i would hang out with. she is like a deep thinker she foes deep beyond the surface.

6. She isn't afraid to be who she is and learns to enjoy life. She is also very random. Clarisse speaks her mind and doesn't care what other people think. She likes the freedom of the neighborhood because she walks around everywhere. She is very open-minded.

7. she seems to speak whats on her mind but not in a way that would put someone down. she is also very quiet and calm and kinda weird in her own way. shes a pretty cool person and she doesnt really hand with people her own age which makes her mature for a 17 year old.

8. What might be her role in the novel?

8.1. Trying to change Montag

9. New node