Personal project ideas

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Personal project ideas by Mind Map: Personal project ideas

1. Things im am interested in

1.1. Surfing

1.2. Technology

1.3. sports

1.3.1. football

1.4. Creating things

2. my skills

2.1. problem solving skills

2.2. basic technical skills

2.3. good with compuers

2.4. good critical thinking skills

3. what i dont want

3.1. anything that directly connects to academics.

3.1.1. academics are something that i dont find very interesting so i do not want to make a project that adds more academics into my life.

3.2. i dont want something thar requires reading

3.2.1. reading is the same idea i dont really enjoy doing it so i dont want to add so much extra into my life.

3.3. not too much time in front of a computer.

3.3.1. i dont want to spend much time infront of my computer unless i am creating something like a game or website.

4. My academic prefrences

4.1. math: because i like solving problems and we can do stuff like in math.

4.2. science: I enjoy some of the topics that are discussed in this class.

4.3. DT: i like dt because i really like creating things.

5. suggestions from others

5.1. refurbishing a motor

5.2. making a drone

6. possible projects

6.1. Surfboard from recycled materials

6.1.1. surfing is something that i am very passionate about but i do see the amounts of trash in the oceans and i think it would be cool to do something involving the 2.

6.2. coding a videogame

6.2.1. i think it would be cool to create a video game because i grew up plating video games and i have always wanted to ry and make my own.

6.3. something related to sprots (maybe a league)

6.3.1. i think this could be a good idea because football is another thing that i a very passionate about and i think there is a big divide between locals and expats and i think a league that brings them together could be very fun