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Statistics: Chapter 1 by Mind Map: Statistics: Chapter 1
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Statistics: Chapter 1

It can be used to tell a story, such as, does Aspirin cause heart attacks?

Opens doors to knowledge

It makes logical sense of numbers by organizing them in an easy-to-read way

May suprise you by being fun

What is Statistics?

Statistics is a collection of procedures and principles for gathering data and analyzing information to help make decisions when faced with uncertainty.  

Principles & Procedures for collecting & studying data to make decisions


Simple Summaries

Easier to digest than long lists.

Representative Sample

Unrepresentative Sample

Observational Study

Cause and Effect conclusions not generally made.

Randomized Experiments

Cause and effect conclusions usually made

Rate and Risk

When discussing change in rate and risk, be sure to mention baseline.

Statistical Significance vs Practical Importance

Statistical significance not always practically important.  Be sure to find out the magnitude of the relationship or difference.

Discovery of Knowledge

Ask the Right ?'s

Collect Useful Data

Summarize and Analyze Data

Make Decisions and Generalizations

Turn Data and Decisions into Knowledge