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Television(TV) by Mind Map: Television(TV)

1. The first real experience was carried out using two discs, one in the transmitter and the other in the receiver, which were attached to the same axis so that their rotation was synchronous and separated by 2 mm.

2. This technology was used in the first television broadcasts. The name that had already begun to appear since the beginning of the 20th century, when the Russian scientist Constantin Perskyi proposed it during the first International Congress of Electricity.

3. In England, 1926 the british engineer discoverd the first television . A television system that incorporated infrared rays to capture images in the dark, it was being used in another way.

4. Pros of television

4.1. -Easy education for the child

4.2. -It acts as a source of entertainment and learning.

4.3. -Develop positive values and skills

4.4. -Report function

4.5. in city and the countryside

4.5.1. children are more willing to have television

5. cons of television

5.1. -Staying for so long that they forget to exercise

5.2. - as good things press bad as: violent acts and bad words.

5.3. -There're programs that children were watching in the past and now, although there are fewer programs.

5.4. In a countryside

5.4.1. Being a remote place, the children don't have television or the channels they have are very scarce

5.4.2. there are times when the signal goes out

5.5. in a city

5.5.1. they get distracted from their duties