Aaron Avanessian / English 102

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Aaron Avanessian / English 102 by Mind Map: Aaron Avanessian / English 102

1. work on my ability to use argumentative text

1.1. Annotated bib/ Digital poster

1.1.1. Annotated bib helped me learnm how to make non argumenative summaries and statements which are important in making an argument because using text and these writing styles can make your argument seem less biased and more factual

1.1.2. The digital poster mostly hlped with this as it was centralized around combining all aspects of text both literary and visual in order to make an argument and opersuade an audience.

2. work on my procrastination

2.1. all assignmnets

2.1.1. even with getting past the distraction of my phone procrastinating work is still a big issue for me where I will even switch to other work before finishing the task i need to do.

3. improve skills to make work more concise

3.1. working on annotated bibliogrtaphiues

3.1.1. Main help was where we were instructed to pick a specific area to work on and follow steps to achieve them, to which I chose to work on making better flow and work on being more concise which helped a lot.

4. improve texual persuasion skills

5. Use persuasive text to achieve a goal.

5.1. Digital poster assignment

5.1.1. Readings, and assignment itself helped introduce that persuasive text goes beyond literary text

6. Get better at starting assignments right away without getting distracted by my phone

6.1. All assignments

6.1.1. all work that needed to be done provided the perfect opportunity to not procrastinate, although I have gotten much better at this I still have issues with it and is an ongoing goal.

7. To be able to write argumentatively

7.1. Digital poster assignment

7.1.1. Making major claim and using every kind of text to persuade an audience in the form of a visual masterpiece.

8. Learn how to develop thoughts better for writing essays

8.1. Annotated bibliography / digital poster

8.1.1. Digital poster helped me see deeper meanings in text and how to develop thoughts that would appeal to a given audience

8.1.2. Annotated bibliography helped me develop the authors thoughts, summarize, and use others information to make major claims.