Wish & Hope

Expressing wish

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Wish & Hope by Mind Map: Wish & Hope

1. Wish

1.1. Express regret or when wanting something to me different.

1.1.1. Wish + Past Simple Want a situation (present or future) to be different. I wish I ate more vegetables. I wish I had more money. I wish you didn't have to work tomorrow.

1.1.2. Wish + Past Continuous Want to be doing different activity (present or future). I wish it weren't raining now. I wish I were lying on a beach now. I wish you weren't leaving tomorrow.

1.1.3. Wish + Past Perfect Want to be able to change the past/regrets. I wish I hadn´t done it. I wish I had broken up with him sooner. I wish I had paid more attention.

1.1.4. Wish + Would Want st. to happen/someone to start doing st./stop doing st. which annoys. I wish the lesson would end. I wish you would smoke a bit less. I wish you'd listen to me! I wish you wouldn't borrow my clothes! I wish he wouldn't shout so much.

1.1.5. Wish + To Infinitive Express "want" in a formal situation. I wish to make a complaint and would like to see the manager. I wish to postpone the meeting with Mr. Richardson. I wish to leave now.

2. Hope

2.1. Want st. to happen or to be true, usually having a good reason to think it might.

2.1.1. Hope + Present/Future Tense Future meaning, especially when having 2 different subjects. I hope you have a good holiday. She hopes her students will get a high grade. I hope it's sunny where you are. I hope she's having wonderful time. I hope she'll come to the party tomorrow. I hope we'll enter to college.

2.1.2. Hope + Infinitive Having only one subject. He hopes to go into politics in the future. I hope to get there early. I hope not to need to take a taxi.

2.1.3. Hope + Past Simple Want st. to be true about the past not knowing if it is true. I hope you had a good flight. I hope you had a good flight. I hope John found his phone.