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Scrum Meetings by Mind Map: Scrum Meetings

1. SyMaPacTeam

1.1. Annie

1.2. Stephan

1.3. Stoiko

1.4. Kalinka

2. Sprint Planning Meeting

2.1. Create new sprint in Jira

2.1.1. Set start / end date

2.2. Get familiar with tickets in the backlog

2.2.1. assign story points to each ticket

2.3. Choose tickets for current sprint

2.3.1. move these tickets into the sprint

2.4. Divide the complex user stories to technical tasks

2.5. Assign time to each task

2.6. Assign each ticket to team member

3. Sprint Retrospective

3.1. Evaluate team performance during last sprint

3.1.1. each team member writes down 3 positive and 3 negative facts

3.1.2. prioritize all facts

3.2. Analyse performance

3.2.1. Decide how to manage the problems

3.3. Set goals for next sprint

4. Daily Scrum Meeting

4.1. What did you do yesterday?

4.2. What will you do today?

4.3. Are there any impediments in your way?

5. Sprint Demo

5.1. Demonstrate results

5.1.1. Compare results to expected functionality

5.1.2. If necessary, choose tickets to be fixed