Lack of Access to Health Care

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Lack of Access to Health Care by Mind Map: Lack of Access to Health Care

1. Area

1.1. In some cases where cities are to populated if there is not enough Hospitals it can be impossible to get in to see an doctor

1.2. In some very poor places Health Care centers such as a hospitable are not around

1.3. Some areas have very little amount of places to get Health Care

2. Government

2.1. Government does not always provided the correct amount of help to some people that do not have access to Health Care

2.2. Allows places such as Hospitals to charge unnecessary charges to patients

2.3. Has capability to make Health Care more affordable

3. Translation

3.1. Lack of translation is places such as Hospitals

3.2. Incapability to communicate with some of the population

3.3. For those that do not speech English or Spanish its hard to get the care you need

4. Money

4.1. For the care you get is not worth how much it cost

4.2. Health Care is at an all time high

4.3. Poor can not afford Health Care