American Indian history

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American Indian history by Mind Map: American Indian history

1. Sovereignty

1.1. put into reservation

1.2. tribal governments

1.3. tribal law

1.4. Indian Appropriation Act of 1871

1.4.1. ended treaty making with tribes

1.5. Indian Reorganization Act, 1934

1.5.1. gave some power to Native tribes

2. The effects of colonial and federal policy on Native people

2.1. Lost a lot of their land

2.1.1. Valuable resources hunting fishing

2.2. were forced to forget their Native ways

2.2.1. language

2.2.2. culture

2.2.3. identity

2.3. Treaties kept getting broken from Americans

2.4. Natives were trying to be part of the federal government

2.5. Natives fought in wars with Americans

2.6. Indian boarding school

2.6.1. forced cultural assimilation resulted in loss of culture

2.7. collier, Indian new deal

2.7.1. granted citizenship to Indian who did not have it.

2.7.2. had some positive attributes, but did not recognize how diverse Native Americans are

3. Cultural change (Including gender, work, religion)

3.1. gender

3.1.1. men farm be change of the household

3.1.2. women do housework take care of the children

3.2. tribal dance

3.2.1. Ghost & Sun dance

3.3. A lot of Indians adapted to Americans religion such as Christianity to fit in

3.4. Indians worked for a lot of Americans just to have a job and be able to provide for families

4. Indigenous forms of resistance and cultural adaptation in response to policies designed to eradicate Native culture

4.1. Mascots

4.2. Occupation of Alcatraz

4.3. Wounded Knee II

4.4. Red Power

4.5. AIM:

4.5.1. American Indian Movement