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1. Long answer Yes, they are a studying No, they're not a studying Or No, they aren't not a studying

2. The Simple Present

2.1. Expresses daily habbits or usual activities. Expresses general staments of a facts

2.1.1. A. Luis take a shower every day. B. Ibusally read the newspaper in the morning

3. The Present Peogressive

3.1. If a word ends in a consonant -y, change to -y to -i and add -es. Incorrect: flys. If a woed ends in a vowell -y simply add to -s. Incorrect: paies or payes

3.1.1. Expresses an activity that is in progress right now. Probably continue in to the future. Form Am, is are + ing. A. Luis can't come to the phone right now because she is taking a shower. B. I am reading my ciencies book right now. Negative: It isn't snowing right now Question: Is the Teacher speaking English right now

4. Forms of the Simple Present and the Present Progressive

4.1. Simple Present

4.1.1. Statement: I-you-we-they Work She-he-it Works

4.1.2. Negative: I-you-we-they Do Not Work She-he-it Does Not Work

4.1.3. Qiestion: Do I-you-we-they WorK? Does She-he-it Work?

4.2. Present Progressive

4.2.1. Statement: I am working You-we-they are working He-she-it is working

4.2.2. Negative: I am not working You-we-they are not working He-she-it is not working

4.2.3. Question: Am I Working? Are you- we-they Working? It he-she-it Working?

4.2.4. Contractions Pronoum + be I + am= i'm working You-we-they + are= you're, the're working Youre, wer'es,they're= He-she- it + is= he's, she's,it's working Do + not: Does + not= Doesn't /She Doesn't work Do + not= Don't /I Don't work Be + not: Is + not= Isn't He isn't working Are + not= Aren't Tjey aren't working Am + not= am not I am not working

5. Frequency Abverbs

5.1. Usually occur in the middle of a sentence and have special position

5.1.1. Positives Always, almost alway,usually, often, frequently, generally, sometimes, occasionally

5.1.2. Final -es is added to words that end in -ch-sh-s-x and -z.

5.1.3. Negatives Sheldom, rarelly, handly ever Almost ever, not never, ever

5.1.4. SUBJET + FREQ ADV + VERB Karen always tells the truth SUBJET + BE + FREQ ADV Karen is always on time

6. Final-S

6.1. Plural

6.1.1. Two birds, three birds, many birds, all birds, etc. *Negative: I doesn't snow in Bangkok *Question: Does the teacher speak slowly? A bird sings outside mi windows It sings loudly Ann sings beatifully She sings songs ro hee children Tom sings very well He sings in a corus The singular verb follows a singular subject. Add -S to rhe simple present verb id the subject is 1. A singular noum (e.g, a bird, Ann, Tom or 2. He,she or it.

6.2. Singular

6.2.1. One bird ( one not two ore more) Birds sing= A plural noum end in -S A bird sings= A singular verb ends in-S

7. Spelling of final -s/-es

7.1. Visit > Visits Speak> Speaks Ride > Rides Write > Writes

7.1.1. Final -s not -es, is added to most verbs. Incorrect: visities, speakes. Many verbs end -e finall -s, is simply added

7.2. Cacht > catches Wacht> watches Miss > misses Fix > fixes Buzz > buzzes

7.3. Fly > flies Pay > pays

7.4. Go > goes Do > does Have > has

7.4.1. The singular forms of the verbs, go, do and have are irregular

8. Nom-action verbs

8.1. I know Ms. Chen. Incorrect: i knowing Ms. Chen. I'm hungry. I want a sandwich Incorrect: i am wanting a sandwich. This book belongs to Mikhail Incorrect: This book is belonging to Mikhail

8.1.1. Some verbs are not used in progressive tenses. They express a situation that exist not an action in progress.

8.2. Hear believe be own need like forget See think exist have want love remember Sound undesrtand posses prefer hate Know belong

9. Present verbs: Short Answer to yes/no questions

9.1. Questions with Do/Does

9.1.1. Does Bob like tea? Short answer Yes, he does No, he doesn't Long answer Yes, he likes tea No, he doesn't like tea

9.1.2. Do you like tea? Short answer Yes, i do No, i don't Long answer Yes, i like tea No, i don't like tea

9.2. Questions with Be

9.2.1. Are you studying? Short answer Yes, i am No, i'm not Long answer Yes, i am studying No, i'm not studying

9.2.2. Is Yoko a student? Short answer Yes, she is No, she's not Or No, she ins't Long answer Yes, she is a student No, she's not a student Or No, she isn't a student

9.2.3. Are they studying? Short answer Yes, they are No, they're not Or No, they aren't