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Mind map unit 7 by Mind Map: Mind map unit 7

1. 7A

1.1. Grammar

1.1.1. Some positive

1.1.2. Any negative

1.1.3. Countable Plural form

1.1.4. Uncountable Do not have a plural form

1.2. Vocabulary food 1

1.2.1. Fish, chicken, potatoes, letuce, ice cream, bananas, bread, apples, milk, eggs and cake

2. 7B

2.1. Grammar

2.1.1. Use to ask about quantities How much + uncoutable nouns How many + Plural countable nouns

2.1.2. To talk about quantities, we use a lot (of) / lots (of), some, much and many

2.2. Vocaburary food 2

2.2.1. Beans, rice, corn, cup of coffee, sugar, shellfish, sausages, onion, garlic, tomatoes, salt, peper and lettuce

3. 7C

3.1. Grammar

3.1.1. Too + adjetive means 'more that we want' + adjetive and very + adjetive are different

3.2. Vocabulary describing food

3.2.1. Cold, cooked, delicious, healthy, hot, raw, salty, spicy and sweet