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Project Access by Mind Map: Project Access

1. Community Building

1.1. how can Project Access find more creative ways to get residents involved?

1.2. Solution: Do more outreaching to the community to let residents know Project Access is located within their apartment complex

1.2.1. Find a time when when more people are home to get more feedback. Knock on doors and observe the people walking around.

1.3. Do an out reach everyday to find out which phase has more people. Phase 1, 2 and 3.

1.3.1. Find out what residents like and build adult programs they would like to be apart of that will benefit them.

2. Awareness

2.1. Do an outreach at least once a week near the mail box or walk the apartment complex

2.1.1. Compare the amount of people in each phase and plan how to reach other phases.

2.2. Find out about social media to share with residents. Like facebook, instagram, twitter to keep residents updated faster with events.

2.2.1. Build a positive relationship with the leasing offices to know how many new residents are moving in

2.3. Create welcome baskets. Residents will get flyers with information about Project Access and can receive a welcome basket filled with household items.

3. Health and Wellness

3.1. Find different ways to get residents out of their home or inside their home to conduct small workouts.

3.1.1. Find out if residents would like to do more walks or runs at least once a month.

3.1.2. Will residents like to do walks early in the morning or in the afternoon?

3.2. Will residents like to be apart of small cooking classes to make healthier meals

3.2.1. Project Access can find other resources or volunteers who would like to be apart of making a change in someone life through cooking demos.

4. Employment

4.1. Residents need help with creating or updating resumes.

4.1.1. At Project Access they have free usage to computers and printers.

4.2. Create a resource page to give to residents about different job links.