Line 2A from Cat Linh to Ha Dong

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Line 2A from Cat Linh to Ha Dong by Mind Map: Line 2A from Cat Linh to Ha Dong

1. Infomation

1.1. Invester: Ministry of Transport of Vietnam

1.2. Consultant: Tedi - ACT

1.3. Contractor: China Railway Corporation 6

2. Project Phases

2.1. Phase 1: Pre-feasibility

2.2. Phase 2: Feasibility

2.2.1. Technical Deficiency of basic design or change design Cost Quality Schedule

2.3. Phase 3: Design

2.3.1. Experience Failed to evaluate all technical aspects of the project Cost Quality Schedule

2.4. Phase 4: Contract/ Procument

2.4.1. Economic Wrong assessment of prime contractor’s capacity Cost Quality Schedule

2.5. Phase 5: Implenmetation

2.5.1. Technical Low level of subconstractor capacity Cost Quality Schedule

2.6. Phase 6: Commisioning

2.6.1. Experience Inadequate safety checks on site Cost Quality Schedule

2.7. Phase 7: Hand-over

2.7.1. Legal Differences of specification design, standard of construction, check and acceptance between countries Cost Quality Schedule

2.8. Phase 8: Operation

2.8.1. Cultural Daily passenger traffic is low Cost Quality Schedule

3. Indentify Risk Event