Character Sketch of Grandfather


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Character Sketch of Grandfather by Mind Map: Character Sketch of Grandfather

1. SYNONYMS OF LIONHEARTED : valiant, courageous, brave etc.

2. SYNONYMS OF CARING : kind-hearted, warm-hearted, tender etc.

3. SYNONYMS OF CHILDLIKE : guileless, unworldly, innocent etc.

4. SYNONYMS OF SELFLESS : altruistic, considerate, generous etc.

5. SYNONYMS OF AUDACIOUS : bold, fearless, courageous etc.

6. He is AUDACIOUS. "I broke my way under the iron railings and extricated the others" suggests that the grandfather was valiant and he was not hesitant to save his family.

7. He is LIONHEARTED because though he was in the situation of do or die ,he ran to save his family without vacillating.

8. The grandfather was CARING because he made sure no one else was stuck.

9. The grandfather is having a CHILDLIKE behavior as he used to spent long as an hour in the bath like a young boy.

10. The grandfather was SELFLESS because he extricated the others even though he had just come out of the bath.

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