Child develoment

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Child develoment by Mind Map: Child develoment

1. 3-4 years old

1.1. Physical

1.1.1. Enhanced gross motor skills: Balancing , jumping, climbing

1.1.2. Enhanced Fine motor skills Cutting, Tripod grasp , hand dominance/preference

1.1.3. Development alert Poor balance, falls often.2 Relies on palmar grasp only

1.2. Cognitive

1.2.1. Conservation

1.2.2. Rote counting

1.2.3. One to one correspondence

1.2.4. Object enumeration

1.2.5. The cardinality principle

1.2.6. Development alert Does not rote count

1.3. Communication

1.3.1. Language develops quickly

1.3.2. Repetition of new words

1.3.3. Starts to associate words- names

1.4. Development alert

1.4.1. Uses only one word at a time

1.4.2. Relies on pointing and gestures

2. 4 years old

2.1. Gross and fine development

2.1.1. Throws ball overhand

2.1.2. Has better control on kicking

2.1.3. Good eye- hand coordination

2.1.4. Development alert Limited eye- hand coordination Relies on Palmer grasp

2.2. Sleep patterns

2.2.1. A regular sleep

2.2.2. Fear of dark may develop

2.2.3. May or may not need afternoon nap.

2.2.4. Development alert Irregular sleeping patterns

2.3. Cognitive development

2.3.1. Concept development Size Quantity Time Differences/ similarities Counting

2.3.2. Communication/Language development Complex sentences Manner of speaking changes Changes in voice tone Grammar

2.3.3. Development alert Limited understanding of size/quantity/time

3. 5 years old

3.1. Gross mortor skills

3.1.1. Good motor control

3.1.2. Reproduces own name

3.1.3. Jump over obstacles

3.1.4. Obstacle course Ball, jumping Cone obstacle Tire obstacle

3.1.5. Development alert Limited walking and running skills Jumping not coordinated

3.2. Cognitive skills

3.2.1. Decentration Aspect1= beads Aspect2= color arrangement

3.2.2. Seration Identifies first-second-third-etc

3.2.3. Development alert Limited rote counting, conservation seriation and decentration skills