Elizabeth Jordan, English 102

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Elizabeth Jordan, English 102 by Mind Map: Elizabeth Jordan,  English 102

1. Course Goal: Critical Thinking and Composing

1.1. Researching and providing evidence, like in module 1 (synthesizing and collecting data from reliable sources)

1.2. Analyzing, annotating, and being able to break down the text for further understanding

1.3. Evidence from sources that are trusted, and being able to tell the difference between logical and reliable sources versus poor sources (also domain names help with this as well)

1.4. Assignments that helped with this: DD3HW1: Identify a Topic & Generate and Post Research Questions and Search Terms DD3HW2: Conduct Initial Secondary Research DD4HW2: Conduct Research DD4HW3: Evaluating Sources

2. Course Goal: Reflection and Revision

2.1. Being able to reflect on work and improve upon it

2.2. Taking criticism helps you get better at writing

2.3. Self reflection on written work allows you to be creative and step outside of your comfort zone, especially when writing

2.4. Arching and Reflecting worksheets after the submission of projects 1 and 2

2.5. Self reflection on the drafts of both projects 1 and 2 at the end

2.6. Deeper meanings and experiences can come from reflections

2.7. Assignments that helped with this: All Eli Peer Reviews Peer reviews of projects 1 and 2 DD11HW3: Archive and Reflect DD17HW2: Archive and Reflect

3. Personal Goal: Learn about new genres in writing

3.1. Through projects 1 and 2, I learned how to make an Annotated Bibliography and a Digital Poster Board- two new genres of writing that I had never really explored before.

4. Course Goal: Rhetorical Awareness

4.1. Being able to figure out the audience and context for what ever is being written about

4.2. How each genre shapes reading and writing

4.3. Actively thinking about the rhetoric conventions while reading the text

4.4. Assignments that helped with this: DD2HW1: Research, Rhetoric, and the Disciplines DD2HW2: Explore Possible Topics

5. Course Goal: Conventions

5.1. Grammar, punctuation, spelling, mechanics

5.2. Citations are up to par

5.3. Assignments that helped with this: All polish assignments and peer reviews

6. Personal Goal: Apply what is learned about writing this semester to my real life/career

6.1. Both the first and second modules really helped with achieving this goal. I wrote about climate change (which is related to my minor of environmental science)

6.2. I was able to collect information from reliable sources, and learning how to form annotated bibliographies was a big help

6.3. Assignments that helped with this: Project 1 and Project 2

7. Personal Goal: Creativity; find ways to have my personality and who I am show through my writing

7.1. Project 2 - Digital Poster Board DD2HW2: Explore Possible Topics

7.2. It is always a good thing to be able to have fun and learn at the same time. My best work comes when I am passionate about something, like I was for our first and second project. My topic was one that I care about deeply, so I was happy to be able to incorporate that into my assignments. Climate change and animals are important to me, and through the AB and digital poster, I was able to learn and be creative (the creativity was displayed in project 2)