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pittsurberg by Mind Map: pittsurberg

1. dady

1.1. medicine

1.1.1. allergy

1.1.2. comon cold

1.1.3. antibiotics

1.1.4. pain

1.2. local help

1.2.1. visit church

1.2.2. pastor phone

1.3. transport

1.3.1. car rent GPS map international driver licence 先摩琳路線圖

1.3.2. shutle and bus

1.4. 要帶的東西

1.4.1. cell phone

1.4.2. GPS

1.4.3. books

1.4.4. my tour checklist

1.4.5. 多功能工具 急救包工具

2. 桃

2.1. 採購

2.1.1. 家具 地點 PITTCSSA forum Craigslist Other moving sales Goodwill IKEA Target Walmart Costco 項目 folding door bed gadget box table book shelf office chair

2.1.2. 日用品 winter clothes boots and shoes humidifier 手套 tissue paper socks 浴巾 PC screen keyboard

2.2. 辦理項目

2.2.1. 房屋簽約,拿鑰匙 與房東約時間 問題

2.2.2. 手機 找剛到急用方法 AT&T GoPhone family plan

2.2.3. 帳戶(PNC Bank) 依建議開戶 請學長姊幫忙 攜帶證件 護照 I-20

2.2.4. 駕照

2.3. School Affair

2.3.1. Check-In

2.3.2. Graduate Welcome Session

2.3.3. meeting with advisor

3. Pittsburgh生活地圖

4. new york arrival 8/4 1350 hotel pen. Kennedy Airpor (airtrain T3? ↓ Jamica St ↓. LIRR ↓ penn atation) MoMA o Empire State build. Times Square 8/5 古根漢 museum10:00-17:45 Flea market o SOHO (-18/20:00) 8/6 Metropolitan Museum Riverside Park 8/7 Rockefeller Center (Channel Garden Lower Plaza) o checkout後放行李in hotel about 2000take about 2300checkin 8/8 1:00 Flight

5. departure passport entrance declarement airplane ticket 14:15 HSR 19:05 airplane money, credit card luggage in plane use 托運 22:50 Arrive NY JFK 8:10 to Pitts terminal 3 o

6. arrival 9:53 time PIT car rental (Hertz) map try GPS address Resident Inn Marriot the first day food supply

7. 2nd day visit tinguan house visit church make a purchase ticket (帶布尺) o

8. 藥物 tinguan allergy, skin medicine, pain, common cold tour medicine vitamin, skin care, 月見草油, gout, 暈車藥