Developing problem

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Developing problem by Mind Map: Developing problem

1. User Problem

1.1. Judy

1.1.1. 31 years old

1.1.2. Agriculture science teacher

1.1.3. Responsible for monitoring the garden house

1.1.4. Harvest plants from the green house

1.2. Jenny

1.2.1. 16 years old

1.2.2. Studying agriculture science

1.2.3. Completing a research project on semi-automatic greenhouse

1.2.4. Is concerned about the impacts of climate change

1.3. Jeremy

1.3.1. 22 years old

1.3.2. Groundsmen

1.3.3. In charge of selecting plants to grow around the school

2. Coding Environment

2.1. Need to find out how to send and store data of the garden house

2.1.1. JSON or XML files

2.2. Use python to code the Raspberry Pi monitor equipment

3. Data environment

3.1. Central database to organise multiple data scanned from the Raspberry Pi

4. Client Problem

4.1. Requirements

4.1.1. Access to see the database

4.1.2. Device must be sheltered from damage (wind, rain, etc)

4.1.3. Run without electricity

4.1.4. Run without internet

4.2. Constraints: 10 weeks

5. User Interface

5.1. Useability principles

5.1.1. Safety

5.1.2. Accessbility

5.1.3. Effectiveness

5.1.4. Utility

5.1.5. Learnability

5.2. Access to past and present data of the garden house

6. Use SQL to select data from multiple tables for the greenhouse