Foreign accents in a globalized world.

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Foreign accents in a globalized world. by Mind Map: Foreign accents in a globalized world.

1. Lecturer Diego Marín

2. The myth of clariry

3. Prestige accents

4. American and British accents are homogeneous

5. No way

6. First language

7. Interlanguage

8. Second language

9. No accent is better than the other ones

10. Clarity depends on how familiar you are with an accent

11. Everybody has an accent, so there aren't "neutral" accents

12. Northern irish, belfast, Newry

13. Let's interact

14. Native speakers

15. Anybody who speaks it

16. Nobody language

17. I have an accent

18. Me too

19. If you chose british which british accent?

20. Scottish, Edinburgh,Glasgow

21. Welsh, cardiff, swansea

22. American and british accents are clear

23. Instituto de Lenguas Fray Bernardo de Lugo O.P.

24. Myths about accents

25. Like a vergin...

26. Hower, the other accents are weird

27. Beg your pardon?