Compare and contrast

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Compare and contrast by Mind Map: Compare and contrast

1. Interview

1.1. The individual interview

1.1.1. Usually enables the candidate to relax more quickly, there is the risk of bias or preference

1.2. A series of interviews

1.2.1. Each bringing a different perspective.

1.3. A panel interview or selection board

1.3.1. Usually consist at least of the line manager concerned and a personnel specialist.

2. Psychological test

2.1. Help predict future performance in particular fields by understanding individual and group behaviour.

2.1.1. Test assists in identifying the most suitable person for a job and in identifying the most suitable jobs for individuals The five main groups of tests are as follows : 1. Psychometric tests 2.Intelligence (IQ) tests 3. Attainment tests 4.Aptitude tests 5. Interest tests

3. Group assesment procedures

3.1. introduce more techniques

3.1.1. observe candidates' behaviour 1. analysis of problems with reports and presentations 2. group discussions and debates games and in-tray exercises 4. individual interviews 5. tests - aptitude, personality, interest 6. informal drinks and dinner aimed at determining social skills 7. simulating an element of the job for which the candidate IS applying, e.g selling conference facilities.