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Tattoos and piercing by Mind Map: Tattoos and piercing

1. Disadvantages of tattoos

1.1. Allergic reations and irritation

1.2. Impars the immune system

1.3. Skin poisoning

1.4. Reaction with the sun

1.5. To take it off, you''need to burn the skin

2. Advantages of tattoos

2.1. Improve your self-esteem

2.2. Cortisol disappears

2.3. Tattoos reduce strees

2.4. Tattos help enhance the effects of vaccines

3. Adventages of piercing

3.1. The place where you get the piercing has a meaning

3.2. Many people find piercing great as they use it a lot in beauty

3.3. Piercings also bring their own and personal style to the person who wears them

4. Disadvantages of piercing

4.1. Skin infections and inflammations due to lack of hygiene

4.2. Transmission of diseases like hepatitis B or C and even VIH

4.3. Scars and bleeding

4.4. Nickel sensitization allergies

5. What is the tattos?

5.1. A tatto is a form of body modification, which consists of alteing the color of the skin

6. What is piercing

6.1. Practice of percing some part of the body to place earrings or beads, for aesthetic purposes