Frameworks MindMap Samantha Egan

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Frameworks MindMap Samantha Egan by Mind Map: Frameworks MindMap Samantha Egan

1. pushing advancement

2. hitting the mark

3. tapping into advancement

4. Going over the basics

5. We can do the easy assignments that will get us through the day, not bad but doesn't use anything to push the limit.

6. We use new ways of thinking and apply one new advancement to change the way we think.

7. We can use the advancements of technology to help us complete the assignment and maybe learn something new with it.

8. We can use the advancements to complete the work and we can learn new ways to use it, and then we can come up with our own ways to use one future assignments. We can think for ourselves to know how to use it even when its not apart of the assignment.