Technology for The 21st Century Frameworks Mindmaps

Mindmap of the Technology Frameworks

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Technology for The 21st Century Frameworks Mindmaps by Mind Map: Technology for The 21st Century Frameworks Mindmaps


1.1. This is a Venn Diagram that has Technology, Pedagogy, and Content. It shows what teachers know, how they teach, and how technology is used.

1.1.1. Content Knowledge: Your understanding of what you teach.

1.1.2. Pedagogical Knowledge: Your expert knowledge of the science of teaching.

1.1.3. Technological Knowledge: Your knowledge about the tools you use to teach.


2.1. This gives us a reason as to why teachers and students are using technology.

2.1.1. We put all of these acronyms together. This helps you think about why you use technology, and will help you continue to evaluate your teaching techniques.

2.2. R- Replacement

2.3. A-Amplified

2.4. T- Transforming

2.5. P- Passive

2.6. I- Interactive

2.7. C- Creative


3.1. S - Substitution:

3.2. A- Augmentation

3.3. M- Modification

3.4. R- Redefinition

3.5. This can help transform learning, it is almost like climbing up a ladder. Substitution leads to augmentation, augmentation leads to modification, and modification leads to redefinition.