Digestive System

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Digestive System by Mind Map: Digestive System

1. Intestines

1.1. Small intestines

1.1.1. Duodenum hepatopancreatic ampulla duodenal papilla,sphinter of Oddi

1.1.2. Jejunum most digesion and absorption

1.1.3. Ileum ileocecal valve plicae circularis;villi & microvilli capilliaries and lacteals superior mesentric artery,hepatic portal vein

1.2. Large intestines

1.2.1. Regions and Structure appendix and cecum ascending,transverse and descending colon Sigmoid colon,rectum,anus

1.2.2. Superior and inferior mesentric arteries;hepatic portal vein

1.2.3. defecation reflex

2. Liver,gallbladder,pancreas

2.1. liver structure

2.1.1. liver lobules mixing of oxygenated & deoxygenated blood numerous functions

2.1.2. falciform liagamnets

2.2. Gallbladder & Bile

2.2.1. Gall stones

2.3. pancreas

2.3.1. endocrine and exocrine

2.3.2. pancreatic duct

2.3.3. sodium bicarbonate,digestive enzymes(Lipases,protases,amylase

3. Mouth to Stomach

3.1. mouth,tongue,palate,teeth

3.1.1. adult teeth formula(2,1,2,3)

3.1.2. soft&hard palate,uvula

3.1.3. Parotid,submandibular and sublingual salivary glands

3.1.4. vallecula at base of tongue,anterior o epiglottis

3.2. Pharynx

3.2.1. Nasopharynx,oropharynx,laryngopharynx

3.3. Esophagus

3.3.1. Upper and Lower esophageal sphincter

3.4. Stomach

3.4.1. Cardia,fundus,body,pylorus

3.4.2. Pyloric Sphincter

3.4.3. Gastric rugae