Organic foods

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Organic foods by Mind Map: Organic foods

1. 1. Features - Organic foods can be expensive and cost up to twice as much as other non-organic foods - There are people who are willing to pay these high prices for organic food - In some countries these foods carry special labels that guarantee that the cultivation of these foods is grown organically - These foods have become very popular.

2. 2. How are organic foods different from non-organic foods?

2.1. Organic food farms do not use agricultural chemicals.

3. 3. Trade in organic food

3.1. Given their popularity, the sale offers of these products increased, so large companies emerged that now not only sell locally but in places very far from where they were grown.

4. 4. Are these foods more nutritious and beneficial?

4.1. It is believed that agricultural chemicals can cause disease and that consuming organically grown produce reduces the chances of developing heart disease.

5. 5. What do doctors think about it?

5.1. - They think that there are bacteria that can contaminate food and this is much more risky, as it can contaminate a food regardless of whether it is organic or not, which is why it is recommended to wash the products very well before consuming them. - They give greater importance to the care in the consumption of sugar.