What do I bring to PMO Risk Leader Role

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What do I bring to PMO Risk Leader Role by Mind Map: What do I bring to PMO Risk Leader Role

1. Functional Competence

1.1. Extensive experience on XSPs / EPCs

1.1.1. Directly managed 20+ large projects capital spend of 2Bn

1.1.2. Driving large EPCs (GE, ALSTOM, ABB simultaneously working on a single site in a program)

1.1.3. Nearly 10 Refurbishment projects including heavy civil, HV networks and Steam piping works

1.1.4. Execution experience and perspective from both sides: Owner and Contractor

1.2. Strong on Contract management

1.2.1. Certificate in Contract management

1.2.2. Negotiated all major contracts Ts and Cs with GE, ALSTOM,. ABB and Local construction contractors

1.2.3. Contract management experience from both sides: Owner and contractor

1.2.4. Aware of FIDIC contract types

1.3. Extensive Portfolio management experience

1.3.1. Smart capability building through engineering and construction partnerships (e.g. EMAL Engineering; Iraq Chillers

1.4. Ability to lead an XSP deal team

1.4.1. Extensive experience in procurement packaging and risk mitigation strategies

1.4.2. e.g. Saudi Gas to Liquid Fuel Conversion

2. Transformational thoughtfulness

2.1. Proven successes in system development and transformation

2.1.1. Doubled DUBAL generation and distribution capacity in 6 years

2.1.2. Successful launch of engineering division at world's largest greenfield smelter complex (EMAL)

2.1.3. Introduction of Project controls function in GE PS MEA region and thought seeding of many PMO initiatives

2.1.4. Successful piloting and data development of Lean Daily Management at PMO

2.2. Clarity of thought around PMO Risk Mission and Vision

2.2.1. A new vision statement with well described end state of measurable outcomes to be achieved within a known time-frame

2.2.2. Simplified more focused mission statement embracing the concept of customer and shareholder value and fulfilment of a promise

2.3. Clear view on PMO Risk Critical Success factors

2.3.1. Global Twine of cross functional threads

2.3.2. Need for KPIs - Bid Quality Metric, As Sold Risk Score, Project Health, Portfolio Health.

2.3.3. XSPs and XSTs for XSPs, training, certification and Review Committees

3. Contextual awareness

3.1. Part of PMO Evolution for last 5 years

3.1.1. Tools Developments

3.1.2. Process evolution

3.1.3. Global and regional execution models

3.2. Aware of all challenges

3.2.1. Experience of one of the most complex region (Africa, ME, SA)

3.2.2. Experience of region with some of the most complex executions

3.2.3. Regional weakness and Strengths

3.2.4. R-process gaps

3.3. Support and network with PMO, regions and CM&U fulfilment teams

3.3.1. Support from all COE colleagues

3.3.2. Support from all Regional PMO Leaders

3.3.3. Aware of Requisition Engineering initiatives and challenges

3.3.4. Aware of Parts fulfilment and inventory management initiatives

3.4. Partner in PMO Lean Journey

3.4.1. Instrumental in Daily management launch

3.4.2. Able to define standard work for Risk team

3.4.3. Aware of need to further define Risk KPIs and link with PMO Bowler

4. Personal trustworthiness

4.1. Analytical approach

4.1.1. I love data and look for answers in Data

4.1.2. Critical and clear thinking

4.1.3. I believe in measurements and performance culture

4.2. Ownership and Accountability

4.2.1. Engaging actively instead of commenting from fence

4.3. Leadership style

4.3.1. Developing and promoting my team

4.3.2. candor and transparency

4.3.3. Challenging Status Quo

4.3.4. Ambitious and humble