Musical Futures-Cesar

Cesar Ricardo's vision for an inclusive music classroom

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Musical Futures-Cesar by Mind Map: Musical Futures-Cesar

1. making music relevant and engaging - start with music the student already loves

2. meet the needs of all students

3. trust collaboration - it builds friendships

4. allow imagination to grow

5. be authentic

6. builds student engagement

7. builds community

8. influences collaboration

9. keeps learning relevant

10. ensures student growth

11. includes all students notwithstanding their starting talent

12. let the students' make music

13. engages students to critically think


15. promotes cooperation

16. ensures hands-on approach

17. students make music!

18. balances equity and inequity

19. fosters community

20. attendance increases

21. use student existing passion - build on

22. real-world music to learning process

23. promoting inclusion/diversity

24. use similar methods that 'popular' musicians use

25. hands on learning

26. approach openly, differently

27. learning does not have to be linear - be fluid - be open (helps inclusivity)

28. let the students lead the class