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1. what is collagen?

1.1. consists of tendons and ligaments.

1.2. type 3 collagen: fibrillar collagen

1.3. type 1 collagen: a protein found in skin, blood vessels, and other tissues

1.4. elastin

2. Stretching involves the bodies collagen.

3. what parts of your body is stretching out?

3.1. muscle

3.2. tendons

3.3. ligaments

4. what is physically happening to the body?

4.1. induce stem cells in the tendon materials which can differentiate into more cells, produce more or slightly different types of collagen

4.2. the body will change the water content in the material

4.3. Modify sensation. The body might experience some mild pain at first but the body will eventually desensitize to that pain over repeated stretching.

4.4. Add length to the muscle fibers by adding sarcomeres, which is the contractile unit that produces the active contraction of the muscles.

5. what does hyperflexible mean?

5.1. Increased range of movement of joints, and joint laxity