Believe it or not!

Interesting facts about transport in the world

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Believe it or not! by Mind Map: Believe it or not!

1. In Cuba all government cars , vans and lorries have to pick up hitchhikers.

2. There is no speed limit on autobahns (motorways) in Germany.

3. In Milan, Italy, you have to pay to drive in the city centre.

4. In Zermatt, Switzerland, you can't drive a petrol car, only electric.

5. You can't sleep in your car in some cities in the USA.

6. On some airlines you can use your mobile phone on the flight.

7. In Japan there are women-only carriages on some trains.

8. In Bangladesh passengers often travel on the outside of the trains.

9. In Turkey the drivers spend more money for toll roads than for petrol on public roads.

10. In the UK, the drivers have to drive on the left.

11. In the USA, hitchhiking is illegal in some cities.