CDN Service Providers

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CDN Service Providers by Mind Map: CDN Service Providers

1. Global CSP

1.1. Google

2. Global CDN

2.1. Akamai

2.1.1. Customers CDN Customer: Netflix,... Licensed CDN Customer:

2.1.2. Services Aqua Web Solutions Terra Cloud Catalyst (CDN Services for Public Cloud Service Providers) Aura Network Solution (Managed & Licensed CDN for Operator) Sola Media Solution (HD Quality Video Delivery)

2.1.3. Resources Converged Operator CDN for Video on Demand (Licensed CDN) Akamai Mobile Site Solution (Ericsson Mobile Cloud Accelerator) Steelhead Cloud Accelerator: User’s Guide image

2.2. Limelight

2.2.1. Customers CDN Customers: Netflix,... Managed CDN Customer: Bell Canada Managed CDN Customer: XO Communication (Concentric Cloud Solution)

2.2.2. Services Web and Application Acceleration Media Delivery Content Management Managed CDN Mobile Delivery

2.2.3. Resources

2.3. Edgecast

2.3.1. Customer Licensed CDN: PACNET Licensed CDN: AT&T

2.4. CDNetworks

2.4.1. CDN Customer:

2.5. Amazon Cloudfront

2.5.1. CDN Customer:

2.5.2. Amazon Web Service’s Content Delivery Network

2.6. ChinaCache

2.7. Mirror Image

3. Operator CDN

3.1. On-Net CDN

3.1.1. BT WCC (Wholesale Content Connect) Cisco CDS Customer: BBC Technical Doc.

3.1.2. FT Cisco CDS

3.1.3. PT Verivue

3.1.4. Telecom Italia Cubovision Cisco CDS Telecom Italia Brings Content to Multiple Screens

3.1.5. Telefonica HP Telco CDN - Insights On Telefonica's CDN Strategy and Deployment Video Services Web Dynamics Smart Download

3.1.6. Verizon ALU (Velocix) Customers: HBOGO, Starz Verizon (US) uses our Velocix CDN to allow their FiOS TV subscribers to watch Starz, HBO, and high-definition EPIX content online, access Flex View movies-on-demand on their PCs, mobiles and tablets, watch linear FiOS TV channels on their Xbox 360, and enjoy the NFL RedZone channel on their iPads.

3.1.7. TWC ALU (Velocix) CDNs Role in Extending Video Delivery in Time Warner Cable

3.1.8. CoX Verivue The COX TV Connect App: How to Choose the Right Content Delivery Strategy

3.1.9. KT Smart Network Cisco CDS CDN ‘Now and Future’ - Telco CDN for Global Content Exchange

3.2. On-Net TIC

3.2.1. Verizon PeerApp

3.2.2. Sprint PeerApp

3.2.3. Telecom New Zealand Blue Coat

3.2.4. Frontier PeerApp

3.3. Why Operator CDN & TIC

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