About a boy

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About a boy by Mind Map: About a boy

1. Marcus is a 12 yeras old, who is a bit weird.

1.1. Marcus and Will meet eachother and they make a bond.

1.1.1. Marcus wants to get his mom and Will together, but they don't go well

1.2. Will spends Christmas with Marcus and Fiona

1.3. Marcus gets bullie a lot

1.3.1. He meets Ellie at the office and Zoe eventualy

1.3.2. Will ask Marcus to pretend being his son to be with Rachel

1.4. Ellie and Marcus get to the police station, everybody satrts to hug

1.5. Marcus, Will and Fiona start to be better persons and feel better with themselves

2. Marcus mom, Fiona, Is weird ass well. She is sad because is recently split with his husband, Clied.

2.1. Fiona tries to kill herself so she has to go to the hospital

2.2. Fiona and Will don't like eachother, and she thinks Will is a bad influencie on Marcus

3. Will doesn't work because he libres off his dad's Christmas song.

3.1. Will is not such a good person, he just wants ti sleep with women.

3.1.1. Will pretends to have a 2 year old boy yo be around women Will feels the responsability to be Marcus figure Will meets Rachel and they like eachother a lot