The Importance of Four Skills

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The Importance of Four Skills by Mind Map: The Importance of Four Skills

1. should be integrated in an effective way.

2. Reading, writing, listening and speaking

2.1. Are the pinnacles of language

3. ESL students

3.1. Their teacher should to create

3.1.1. The necessary condition for students to learn effectively

4. Listening and speaking

4.1. These are highly interrelated

5. Reading and writing

5.1. They are tools for achieving an effective written communication.

6. The objective

6.1. It is making students read and write effectively.

7. Teachers provide learners with opportunities to develop each skill

7.1. Through daily activities

7.1.1. activities Self-introduction Reading and Retell

8. Why are four skills activities useful?

8.1. They give learners scaffolded support

8.2. opportunities to create contexts

8.3. evidence of their own ability

8.4. confidence