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1. DECLARATIVE. statement

2. INTERROGATIVE. question?

3. IMPERATIVE. command!

3.1. Function

3.1.1. Command & Order Silence! Sit down, please, let's talk a bit. Steve, open the door!

3.1.2. Request & Invitation Please clean your room before your cousin come. Let's go home together! Come with me!

3.1.3. Warning & Prohibition Don't forget to do your homework Don't give up with your dream Stop picking my food

3.1.4. Advice You need to go to the hospital right now because you look so pale! You shouldn't eat too many instant noodles, it's not good for your health! Please, take care yourself more!

3.1.5. Direction & Instruction Avoid contact with skin and eyes! Just go straight and turn left if you want to go to the office. In case of eye contact, hold eyelid open and flush with water

3.2. Characteristic

3.2.1. Formed without subject (usually understood as you) If there's subject, it's for asserting or affirming the subject

3.2.2. Negative format with "Do not / Don't" or "Stop"

3.2.3. Adding "Please" to soften and make it more polite

3.2.4. Using "Let us / Let's" for invitation

3.2.5. Ended with Period (.), Exclamation Point (!), or Question Mark (?) Period for regular imperative Exclamation point (!) for stronger imperative Question mark (?) usually used when a request has "will you? or won't you?"

3.2.6. Uses Bare Infinitive (Infinitive without "to") After certain verbs like bid, let, make, see, hear, need, dare etc. After the verbs will, would, shall, should, may, might, can, could and must. After had better, would rather, sooner than and rather than.

4. EXCLAMATIVE. exclamation!