Chicken (Grandma's)

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Chicken (Grandma's) by Mind Map: Chicken (Grandma's)

1. Tri County Stock (Oyster Shells)

1.1. Purina Processing

1.1.1. Oysters (Farm in Oregon) Algae Phytoplankton Water Filtration

2. Tri County Stock (Feed)

2.1. Purina Processing

2.1.1. Corn PetroFertilizers Tractors Water Sunlight

2.1.2. Wheat PetroFertilizers Tractors Water Sunlight

2.1.3. Oats Petrofertilizers Tractors Water Sunlight

2.1.4. Barley Petrofertilizers Tractors Water Sunlight

3. Grass and bugs in yard

4. Heat Lamp During Winter

5. Tap Water

5.1. Water Treatment/Distrubution

6. Eggs

7. Waste

7.1. Landfill

7.2. Garden