Life after school

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Life after school by Mind Map: Life after school

1. Working experience abroad

1.1. good help for moving up the career ladder after a gap year

1.2. people with work experiences abroad seem courageous because it is also scary to live in another country

1.3. has an good impact on the CV (one can become an employee more easily)

1.4. many different possibilities (one can work f.ex. as a sport instructor at a holiday resort in spain)

1.5. it is a great challenge

1.6. one can learn different types of languages and multicultural environment

2. What is a gap year?

2.1. constructive time out to travel in between life stages

2.2. can be anywhere

2.3. for any length of time

2.4. do anything you want

2.5. many forms

2.5.1. a career gap

2.5.2. a short gap year

2.5.3. travelling

2.5.4. time out

2.6. advantages

2.6.1. live life to the full

2.6.2. improve your CV

2.6.3. work experience

3. volunteering on a gap year

3.1. offer your time to help

3.2. make a difference

3.3. gappers say: the best time

3.4. different projects

3.4.1. sports projects

3.4.2. expeditions

3.4.3. electives

3.4.4. humanitarian work

3.5. all over the world

3.6. others need

3.6.1. water

3.6.2. food

3.6.3. education

3.6.4. medical care

3.6.5. social care

4. international intership

4.1. gain industry experience on gap year

4.2. differentiate yourself from others

4.3. secure place for few days to couple months

4.4. unpaid, but company might cover travel and accommodation expenses

4.5. gappers use it to build contacts or explore an industry

4.6. offers unique networking opportunities, which are incredibly beneficial